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Stock Traders like you trust ButterflyStocks!

Why? ButterflyStocks is New. ButterflyStocks is Better. ButterflyStocks is Fun.

This platform was designed by traders, for traders who want a simple, extremely affordable way to scan & analyze stocks. For traders who love to win.

Whether you are an experienced trader or just a beginner looking to learn, ButterflyStocks will provide you with a very clear visual picture of what's happening in chosen market segment at any given moment, identifying today's top players and delivering a very clear and very on-point technical and fundamental research data, all with instant assessment of potential trade risk.

We actively monitor thousands of major US exchange-listed stocks for unusual volume, sustained liquidity and intraday breakouts and help you take advantage of unique trading opportunities, while they last. All delivered in a simple, uncluttered & easy-to-understand way!

Volume & Momentum

We monitor volume of thousands of stocks in real time and can predict momentum even before it develops.

Instant Stock Analysis

Technical and fundamental data - all in one place, easy to read & analyze! Stop gathering data from multiple sources!

Risk Assessment

Our algos are built to help traders instantly assess trade risk and projected position gains, all in real-time!

Trader Sentiment

Real-time sentiment assessment of day traders within under $50 market segment. Know how others are trading now.

100% FREE learning center

100% FREE educational resources are coming to ButterflyStocks!

Truth is, it's all about trader's psychology and discipline.
If you truly have what it takes to become a successful trader, then the 100% FREE information on our website is all you need!
Why pay $2K+ for something you can learn on your own? The best part: there is no catch! We will never ask you to pull out your credit card!

100% FREE Learning Center is coming summer 2019

Learn One Strategy

All you need is to learn just one strategy, really well to become profitable. We will show you our Top-3 Winning Strategies.

Follow Simple Tips

Learn how we successfully trade pre-market gainers. And no, we don't always buy pre-market like everyone else.

Find Quality Breakouts

Use our free momentum and volume scanners to find the best intraday setups. We will show you how we do it.

Learn To Analyze Data

Real-time assessment of technical and fundamental data will give you an advantage over crowds of uneducated traders.

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Our Clients
Scott McDon***

... These scanners work and are easy to use! Tested on many trades! Simply put: These guys nailed it! Bravo!

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Our platform was designed for Momentum Day Traders, however many Fundamental & Swing Traders use it daily as well!

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  • US Stocks from $0 - $50.00*
  • Real-Time Pre-Market Gainers Scanner
  • Real-Time Breaking News Feed
  • Real-Time Social Feed
  • Real-Time Price Momentum Scanner
  • The Stocks We Trade In Real-Time
  • Real-Time Volume & Liquidity Scanner
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  • In-Depth Technical + Fundamental Analysis
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  • Insider Roaster & Transactions
  • Detailed Earnings Data
  • Detailed Financial Data
  • Unlimited Interactive Watchlist
  • "Pump-N-Dump Risk Factor"
  • Most Active Related Symbols
  • "Stock Hotness Factor"
  • Visual & Sound Alerts
  • Unlimited Advanced Charts
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How do you identify hot stocks to trade?

We developed a set of awesome scanners to help catch today's hot stocks in action: Real-Time Pre-Market Gainers Scanner, Price Momentum Scanner, Volume & Liquidity Scanner, After-Hours Scanner and Today's Top Winners Scanner. We also have Swing Trade Scanner available for those who know how to swing trade. Our scanners are powered by unique algorithms that your trading platform does not offer. Plus, our basic Real-Time Scanners are absolutely free!

Why should I choose ButterflyStocks over a dozen of other scanner platforms?

Thank you for asking this question!
All we can say: traders like you are leaving old, clumsy, over-rated and over-priced platforms and are switching to ButterflyStocks as we speak!

Some other scanners keep buzzing every few seconds while yours seems not as "sensitive". Why?

We developed a set of proprietary algorithms that help identify false breakouts by not only analyzing momentum and volume, but also available liquidity. Trading during false breakouts is very risky and will usually result in a loss. We want to protect you from those losses. Quality breakouts may only happen a few times a day and we will notify you as soon as they happen, so you can focus on your core trading.

Can I make trades right from your platform?

We are working on integrating ButterflyStocks with a leading commission-free brokerage.
Most professional and semi-professional traders use multi-monitor desktop setup, where one (or more) monitors are used to display ButterflyStocks scanners, while actual trades are executed using online trading software such as TD Ameritrade, Etrade, etc. Many beginner traders often use commission-free mobile trading solutions such as Robinhood.

Why do I need fundamental data like institutional owners, analyst ratings, earnings and financials?

Stock market is like one huge algorithm consisting on millions of variables and parameters. Believe us, professional traders need to analyze all that data before making a trade. ButterflyStocks will provide an instant snapshot of the latest available data without the need to do any research on your own!
Educated Trader = Successful Trader.

I buy and keep stocks long term as an investment. Is this the right platform for me?

Sure. We provide both technical and fundamental analysis for listed US stocks under $50.

Will this platform make me a profitable trader?

Becoming profitable not only requires proper tools, but also a lot of trading experience. While we certainly helped many become profitable by providing the tools every day trader needs, in the end it all depends on your own experience, personal discipline and trading skills. If you are struggling making money in stock market, consider visiting ButterflyStocks FREE Learning Center (COMING SUMMER 2019).

Do you back-test your price prediction algos with real money trades?

Yes, absolutely! We regularly test with real cash trades and so far we are very pleased with the results!

Do you scan pre-market and after-hours?

Yes, we start scanning markets every weekday at 6 AM EST and end the session at 8 PM EST. We will identify pre-market gainers under $50 and instantly assess potential trade risk.

What is "Interactive Watchlist"?

Our watchlist has price scanner built-in to make watching price moves easy and without the need to constantly check the chart! Also, get hints on what stocks other traders are watching at any given moment!

What is "Pump-N-Dump Factor"?

You probably heard that over 95% of day traders lose money on their trades. This is because they are FOMO-driven traders, who are constant victims to market manipulations. We developed a unique way to measure trade risk called "Pump-N-Dump Factor", which predicts the chances for an average trader to end up holding "a bag", locking up liquidity and losing money as result. Our traders heavily rely on this metric to avoid losses.

What is "Stock Hotness Factor"?

"Stock Hotness Factor" indicates how active, squeezed up and volatile a stock is at any given moment and how easy it is to extract gains. Ranges from "Warm" for stocks just gaining momentum to "On Fire" and "Going Bananas" for highly squeezed stocks making crazy intraday gains.

What is "Continuation Momentum"?

In some cases, hot stock's momentum will roll over to the next trading session, often presenting a new trade opportunity. We call these setups "Continuation Momentum Stocks".

How do you assess trader sentiment? Are you using StockTwits?

Trader sentiment can change in a moment. We have developed proprietary algos to instantly assess day trader sentiment across the market segment. Updated real-time once every minute. We do not use StockTwits or any other similar resource.

Do you scan OTC markets?

Not at the moment. Our main focus is on major US exchange listed stocks. OTC support will be available some time in the future.

Do you support international markets?

Currently, we are working on adding support for Canadian exchange listed stocks. Other markets are expected to be supported some time in the future.

Why only lower-priced equities?

Experienced day traders know that micro-cap stocks with low float tend to be the most volatile and easily squeezed under high volume. Often times, stocks develop momentum without any apparent catalyst. We are here to help you catch those stocks in action, while providing easy out-of-the-box tools to instantly assess a potential short term trade.

Any plans to expand to stocks over $50?

Yes. Later this year we will be introducing "PRODIGY" plan that will cover all listed US stocks regardless of price and offer additional valuable tools.

Do your algos work for analyzing long-term investments?

We focus on analyzing quality setups for short term speculative trades. Our unique algos identify projected positions that would often last as little as a few minutes, however we do offer fundamental research data as well.

I am a swing trader. Anything here for me?

Yes! Although our platform is geared mainly towards day traders, our Expert Plan offers a unique Swing Trade Scanner that will identify oversold low-risk equities that can be bought at the dip and sold a short time later for a profit. Very often as soon as the next trading session.

Do you trade using these tools yourself?

Yes, absolutely! We are traders just like you and we've made out well trading stocks. And we simply cannot imagine trading without these tools!